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Fev-2017Anti-cancer drug validation: the contribution of tissue engineered modelsCarvalho, Mariana R.; Lima, Daniela; Reis, R. L., et al.articleopenAccess
2016Antitumor properties of honeybee plant-derived products: honey, propolis and pollenAlmeida Aguiar, Cristina; Silva Carvalho, Ricardo; Baltazar, FátimabookPartclosedAccess
2014Antitumoral and antiangiogenic activity of Portuguese propolis in in vitro and in vivo modelsCarvalho, Ricardo Silva; Gonçalves, Vera Mónica Miranda; Ferreira, Ana Margarida, et al.articleopenAccess
14-Jan-2009Autofluorescence spectroscopy of a human gastrointestinal carcinoma cell line - design of optical sensors for the detection of early stage cancerFerreira, D. S.; Henriques, Mariana; Oliveira, Rosário, et al.conferencePaperopenAccess
2015Como é que os casais experienciam o relacionamento íntimo após o diagnóstico de cancro?Alves, Alexandra Paula Moreira SousamasterThesisrestrictedAccess
Mai-2012Comprehensive investigation of genetic variation in the 8q24 region and multiple myeloma risk in the IMMEnSE consortiumReis, R. M.; Campa, Danielr; Martino, Alessandro, et al.articlerestrictedAccess
Mai-2008Cordyceps : a traditional chinese medicine and another fungal therapeutic biofactory?Paterson, R. R. M.articleopenAccess
5-Jun-2016Enhancing curcuminoid production using E. coli engineered strainsCouto, Márcia; Rodrigues, Joana Lúcia Lima Correia; Rodrigues, L. R.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
2016Finding new genes and pathways involved in cancer development by analysing insertional mutagenesis dataMachado, Adrien FernandesmasterThesisopenAccess
Jun-2016From amino acid sequence to bioactivity: the biomedical potential of antitumor peptidesBlanco-Míguez, Aitor; Gutiérrez-Jácome, Alberto; Pérez-Pérez, Martín, et al.articleopenAccess
2008Fungal enzyme inhibitors as pharmaceuticals, toxins and scourge of PCRPaterson, R. R. M.articlerestrictedAccess
Set-2006Ganoderma : a therapeutic fungal biofactoryPaterson, R. R. M.articleopenAccess
2016Genomic and transcriptomic analyses in cancers related with viral infectionFerreira, Joana Catarina da RochamasterThesisembargoedAccess (3 Years)
Jul-2017Glycosaminoglycans from marine sources as therapeutic agentsValcarcel, J.; Novoa-Carballal, R.; Pérez-Martín, Ricardo I., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
8-Dez-2016Insights on the molecular mechanisms underlying the anticancer activity of lactoferrin in metastatic cancer cell linesGuedes, J.; Cátia S. Pereira; Rodrigues, L. R., et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
2016Investigation of Dendrimer-based nanoparticles cellular uptake and cell tracking in a semiautomated microfluidic platformCarvalho, Mariana Rodrigues; Maia, F. Raquel; Reis, R. L., et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
2009Lactoferrin and cancer disease preventionRodrigues, L. R.; Teixeira, J. A.; Schmitt, Fernando C., et al.articleopenAccess
2012Long non-coding RNAs and cancer: a new frontier of translational research?Spizzo, Riccardo; Almeida, Maria Inês; Colombatti, A., et al.articleopenAccess
Fev-2018Maristem—Stem Cells of Marine/Aquatic Invertebrates: From Basic Research to Innovative ApplicationsBallarin, L.; Rinkevich, B.; Bartscherer, K., et al.articleopenAccess
2011MicroRNA history : discovery, recent applications and next frontiersAlmeida, Maria Inês; Reis, R. M.; Calin, George A.articleopenAccess