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Welcome to the University of Minho Institutional Repository!
RepositóriUM is the University of Minho Institutional Repository and contains a growing collection of the scientific output from the University.

The aim of RepositóriUM is to provide a permanent record of the research output of the University and maximise the visibility, usage and impact of its research through open access.

Most recent submissions:


Os fatores que influenciam o underpricing nas ofertas públicas iniciais


Impact of fermentation residues on the rheological and structural properties of PHBV produced from cheese whey and olive mills wastewaters


Paisagens mineiras antigas na Europa Ocidental : investigação e valorização cultural : atas


Encapsulation of rechargeable solid-state lithium batteries


Em prol da previsibilidade e da sustentabilidade das finanças públicas : um comentário a ‘Controlo da Execução Orçamental no Estado’


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