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TitleContributos da avaliação técnica na tomada de decisão judicial no âmbito tutelar educativo em Portugal: uma análise documental
Other titlesContributions of social and psychological assessments in juvenile justice decision making in Portugal: a document analysis
Author(s)Pessanha, Elisabete
Alexandre, Joana
Maia, Angela
KeywordsJudicial decision making
Juvenile justice
Psychosocial assessment
Justiça tutelar educativa
Decisão judicial
Avaliação técnica
Issue date1-Jan-2023
PublisherAssociação Portuguesa de Psicologia (APP)
JournalPsicologia: Revista da Associação Portuguesa de Psicologia
Abstract(s)This study aims to analyze the contribution of social and psychological assessments in juvenile justice decision making in pre and post sentencing phases. For this purpose, 30 court cases of young people aged between 12 and 16 have been consulted. Document analysis was conducted through an analytic grid. The results indicate that the judges agree with 93, 3% of socio-educational measures suggested by the social technicians/forensic psychologists. Towards the review of socio-educational measures, it is observed a high correspondence (87, 5%) between technical suggestions (socio-educational measures) and the implementation of judicial measures. The frequency of interactions between technicians and judges in the post sentencing period rounds 73, 3%. Therefore, it is noticed a consistent cooperation between judges and social technicians/forensic psychologists throughout the process, as well as the acknowledgment by the judges of the competence and technical knowledge of social technicians.
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