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Registos da coleção (ordenados por datas de depósito em ordem descendente): 1-20 de um total de 1219
1-Abr-2018Persistence in crime in young adults with a history of juvenile delinquency: the role of mental health and psychosocial problemsPereira, Miguel Basto; Maia, AngelaarticlerestrictedAccess
2018Needs and achievements of the juvenile justice system: insights from two empirical studies with portuguese young adultsPereira, Miguel Basto; Ribeiro, Sofia; Maia, AngelaarticleclosedAccess
2018Uma análise transversal e integradora do exercício físico: estudo com praticantes desportivosMorais, Rita; Gomes, A. RuiarticleopenAccess
2018Couples' psychological adjustment to twin parenthood: mode of conception (spontaneous versus assisted reproduction) and gender differencesTendais, Iva Alexandra Barbosa; Figueiredo, Bárbara; Canário, Catarina, et al.preprintrestrictedAccess
2015Validation of the youth psychopathic traits inventory and youth psychopathic traits inventory: short version among incarcerated juvenile delinquentsPechorro, Pedro; Andershed, Henrik; Ray, James V., et al.articleopenAccess
2016Why do people kill? A critical review of the literature on factors associated with homicideBotelho, Mónica; Gonçalves, Rui AbrunhosaarticleclosedAccess
1998Individual characteristics and career exploration in adolescenceTaveira, Maria do Céu; Silva, M. Carolina; Rodriguez, Maria L., et al.articleopenAccess
2016Risk factors for internalizing and externalizing problems in the preschool years: systematic literature review based on the child behavior checklist 1½–5Carneiro, Alexandra; Dias, Pedro; Soares, IsabelarticlerestrictedAccess
2016Posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and family functioning in adult children facing parental cancer: a comparison studyTeixeira, Ricardo J.; Pereira, M. GraçaarticleopenAccess
2016Are adult mentalizing abilities associated with mind-mindedness?Barreto, Ana Luisa; Fearon, R. M. Pasco; Osório, Ana Alexandra Caldas, et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2017How do student prior achievement and homework behaviors relate to perceived parental involvement in homework?Nunez, Jose C.; Epstein, Joyce L.; Suarez, Natalia, et al.articleopenAccess
2018How Executive Functions Are Evaluated in Children and Adolescents with Cerebral Palsy? A Systematic ReviewPereira, Armanda; Lopes, Silvia; Magalhaes, Paula, et al.articleopenAccess
2018"Homework feedback is...": Elementary and middle school teachers' conceptions of homework feedbackCunha, Jennifer; Rosário, Pedro; Carlos Nunez, Jose, et al.articleopenAccess
2016Academic goals, student homework engagement, and academic achievement in elementary schoolValle, Antonio; Regueiro, Bibiana; Nunez, Jose C., et al.articleopenAccess
2016Bullying, un problema moral: Representaciones de sí mismo y desconexiones moralesPaulino Tognetta, Luciene Regina; Avilés Martínez, José María; Rosário, PedroarticleopenAccess
2016Self-regulated learning in a college classroom: a curriculum infusion approachRosário, Pedro; Fuentes, Sonia; Beuchat, Marianne, et al.articleopenAccess
2016Studying while doing time: understanding inmates' conceptions of learningRosário, Pedro; Carlos Nunez, Jose; Pereira, Joana, et al.articleclosedAccess
2015Multiple goals and homework involvement in eementary school studentsValle, Antonio; Pan, Irene; Nunez, Jose C., et al.articleclosedAccess
2015Psychometric properties of the Mexican version of the Academic Goals QuestionnaireGaeta, Martha Leticia; Cavazos, Judith; Sanchez, Ana Paola, et al.articleopenAccess
2015Does homework design matter? The role of homework's purpose in student mathematics achievementRosário, Pedro; Nunez, Jose Carlos; Vallejo, Guillermo, et al.articlerestrictedAccess
Registos da coleção (ordenados por datas de depósito em ordem descendente): 1-20 de um total de 1219