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TitleBeliefs About Psychological Problems Inventory (BAPPI): development and psychometric properties
Author(s)Moreira, Paulo A. S.
Guedes Cardoso, Ana Mafalda
Gomes Cancela, Diana Manuela
Oliveira, João Tiago
treatment selection
causes of psychological problems
Issue dateJan-2021
PublisherAsociación de Análisis del Comportamiento
JournalInternational Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy
CitationMoreira PAS, Cardoso AMG, Cancela DMG, & Oliveira JT (2021). Beliefs About Psychological Problems Inventory (BAPPI): Development and Psychometric Properties. International Journal of Psychology & Psychological Therapy, 21, 3, 379-398.
Abstract(s)The clients' belief systems are components of Effective Therapy Relationships. Thus, it is desirable to include clients' beliefs about their psychological problems on systematic assessment protocols underlying the process of systematic treatment selection and of tailoring the treatment to the person. However, assessment instruments which specifically capture clients' beliefs about their psychological problems are scarce. The objective of the studies presented was to evaluate the psychometric properties of the Beliefs About Psychological Problems Inventory (BAPPI), an assessment instrument of the clients' beliefs about their psychological problems. Study 1 (Exploratory Factor Analysis) involved 200 participants, and Study 2 (Confirmatory Factor Analysis and other validity studies), involved 545 participants. Results revealed that the BAPPI presents a stable factorial structure of six dimensions (Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Biomedical, Cognitive-Behavioral, Systemic, and Eclectic/Integrative). Altogether, analyses of items, internal consistency, reliability, and external validity revealed that the BAPPI is a valid assessment instrument for use in mental health research and practice, especially in the process of systematic treatment selection and, therefore, of matching/tailoring the treatment to the client's characteristics.
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