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dc.contributor.authorCadime, Irene Maria Diaspor
dc.contributor.authorLima, Sarapor
dc.contributor.authorPinto, Alexandra Marquespor
dc.contributor.authorRibeiro, Iolandapor
dc.description.abstractSchool engagement is a multidimensional construct characterized by vigour, dedication, and absorption towards academic work that is related to school achievement. This study aimed to examine the measurement invariance of a school engagement measure - the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale-Students (UWES-S) - across secondary school pupils and university students. Two samples of secondary school pupils (n = 251) and university students (n = 229) were used. The results supported the original three-factor structure (vigour, dedication and absorption) of the UWES-S instead of a two- or a one-factor structure in both samples. Evidence for the metric and scalar invariance of the measure across secondary school pupils and university students was also found. The university sample had higher scores in vigour and absorption but not in dedication. These findings demonstrate that the UWES-S can be used for developmental studies where school engagement and its relation with other variables needs to be compared across distinct educational levels.por
dc.subjectSchool engagementpor
dc.subjectUtrecht Work Engagement Scale-Studentspor
dc.subjectmeasurement invariancepor
dc.subjectsecondary school pupils and university studentspor
dc.titleMeasurement invariance of the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale for Students: A study across secondary school pupils and university studentspor
dc.subject.wosSocial Sciences-
sdum.journalEuropean Journal of Developmental Psychologypor
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