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TitlePromoting health behaviour in Portuguese children via Short Message Service: The efficacy of a text-messaging programme
Author(s)Silva, Cátia Sofia Botelho
Fassnacht, Daniel Benjamin
Ali, Kathina
Gonçalves, Sónia
Conceicao, Eva
Vaz, Ana
Crosby, Ross D.
Machado, Paulo P. P.
Health promotion
Healthy behaviours
Issue date1-Jun-2015
JournalJournal of Health Psychology
CitationSilva, C., Fassnacht, D. B., Ali, K., Gonçalves, S., Conceição, E., Vaz, A., ... & Machado, P. P. (2015). Promoting health behaviour in Portuguese children via Short Message Service: The efficacy of a text-messaging programme. Journal of health psychology, 20(6), 806-815
Abstract(s)A Short Message Service programme was adapted to monitor three health behaviours and provide supportive feedback. The study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme to increase fruit/vegetable consumption and physical activity and to decrease screen time. A total of 139 Portuguese children, aged 8-10years, grouped by classroom, were randomly assigned to an intervention (8weeks of monitoring/feedback) or a control condition. Participants had their key behaviours assessed at baseline, post-intervention and follow-up. A three-level hierarchical linear model was developed. Results showed that the monitoring and feedback programme significantly increased fruit and vegetable consumption over time.
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