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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
16-Dec-2013Immobilization of biomolecules into biodegradable polymeric based substrates for selective recruitment and adhesion of cells for tissue engineering applicationsCustódio, Catarina A.Doctoral thesisRestricted access (UMinho)
24-Sep-2010Development of self-assembled dextrin nanogelsGonçalves, CatarinaDoctoral thesisOpen access
4-Jan-2008New biomimetic acellular routes for pre-calcification of implant materials, carrier particles and porous scaffoldsLeonor, I. B.Doctoral thesisRestricted access (UMinho)
16-Jun-2006Avaliação do processo de degradação de misturas termoplásticas à base de amido de milhoAraújo, M. AlbertaDoctoral thesisOpen access
15-Dec-2008Development and characterization of dextrin based hydrogels use of non-catalityc domains for the modification of polysaccharidesCarvalho, JoanaDoctoral thesisOpen access
18-Jan-2008Fiber-based structures from natural origin polymers for tissue engineering approchesTuzlakoglu, K.Doctoral thesisOpen access
11-Jan-2010In vivo assessment of the host reactions to natural origin biomaterials aimed to be used as wound dressers and as bone tissue engineering scaffoldsSantos, T. C.Doctoral thesisOpen access
3-May-2010Development of electrospun nanofibrous-based scaffolds for bone regenerationMartins, AlbinoDoctoral thesisOpen access
23-Nov-2009Development of new chitosan based biodegradable blends for bone and cartilage tissue engineeringSilva, Vitor Manuel Correlo daDoctoral thesisOpen access
21-Dec-2009Novel biodegradable drug delivery systems for the controlled release of growth factors in bone healing and tissue engineeringBessa, Paulo C.Doctoral thesisOpen access