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TitleSecondary traumatic stress disorder in war veterans’ adult offspring
Author(s)Pedras, Susana
Pereira, M. Graça
Physical symptoms
Childhood Experiences
Issue dateJan-2014
PublisherTaylor & Francis
JournalMilitary Behavior Health
Abstract(s)The present study focuses on the impact of veteran’s traumatic stress and PTSD diagnosis on their offspring’s mental and physical health. Results revealed a positive relationship between PTSD in veterans and secondary traumatic stress disorder (STSD) in their offspring. STSD symptoms, psychopathology, physical symptoms and adverse childhood experiences were also positively related, especially, in those with STSD symptoms and STSD diagnosis. Finally, adverse childhood experiences, was not a significant moderator in the relationship between psychopathology and traumatic symptoms. The results support the need for interventions in PTSD war veterans’ offspring.
AccessOpen access
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