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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Mar-2012Employment protection and unemployment benefits : on technology adoption and job creation in a matching modelLommerud, Kjell Erik; Straume, Odd Rune; Vagstad, SteinarWorking paperOpen access
2010Employment, exchange rates and labour market rigidityAlexandre, Fernando; Bação, Pedro; Cerejeira, João, et al.Working paperOpen access
Oct-2011Empreendedorismo na Universidade do Minho : o caso dos diplomados das ciências sociaisMoreira, RitaWorking paperOpen access
2003Endogenous growth : analytical review of its generating mechanismsRibeiro, Maria JoãoWorking paperOpen access
2014Energy prices and CO2 emission allowance prices : a quantile regression approachHammoudeh, Shawkat; Nguyen, Duc Khuong; Sousa, Ricardo M.Working paperOpen access
Sep-2008Environmental tobacco smoke risk perception and smoking behavior in PortugalBotelho, Anabela; Lima, M. Elvira; Pinto, Lígia, et al.Working paperOpen access
2002Equitity prices and monetary policy : an overview with an exploratory modelAlexandre, Fernando; Bação, PedroWorking paperOpen access
2013Equity offerings abroad and the adoption of IFRS : a test of the capital markets liability of foreignnessLoureiro, Gilberto; Taboada, Alvaro G.Working paperOpen access
2015Equity offerings, stock price crash risk, and the impact of securities regulation: international evidenceFauver, Larry; Loureiro, Gilberto; Taboada, Alvaro G.Working paperOpen access
Jul-2011Esfera pública e apelo emocional: o caso Renato SeabraGranja, Rafaela Patrícia GonçalvesWorking paperRestricted access (UMinho)
2014Espacialidade e temporalidades da cibercultura I: Controlo e vigilância na MediapolisAndrade, Pedro José de OliveiraWorking paperOpen access
2014Espacialidades e temporalidades da cibercultura II: Pós-PanoptismosAndrade, Pedro José de OliveiraWorking paperOpen access
2004Estimating the employer size-wage premium in a panel data model with comparative advantage and non-random selectionCerejeira, JoãoWorking paperOpen access
2018Estimating the Taylor Rule in the Time-Frequency DomainAguiar-Conraria, Luís; Martins, Manuel M. F.; Soares, M. J.Working paperOpen access
2014Estimating the Taylor Rule in the time-frequency domainConraria, Luís Aguiar; Martins, Manuel M. F.; Soares, M. J.Working paperOpen access
2010O euro e o crescimento da economia portuguesa : uma análise contrafactualConraria, Luís Aguiar; Alexandre, Fernando; Pinho, Manuel Joaquim das Neves Correia deWorking paperOpen access
19-Jun-2003Evaluating the policy consequences of local government Autonomy : a stratified sampling cross-sectional studyCamões, Pedro J.Working paperOpen access
10-Oct-2005Evaluation of policy alternatives to reduce alcohol-related traffic fatalitiesTavares, António F.Working paperOpen access
Aug-2002The evolution of the accounting profession in Portugal from 1755Rodrigues, Lúcia Lima; Gomes, Delfina; Craig, RussellWorking paperOpen access
2007Exchange rate pass-through in ASEAN : implications for the prospects of monetary integration in the regionCortinhas, CarlosWorking paperOpen access