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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2014Assessment of the thermal environment in a textile plant for automotive componentsGuise, Mariana Isabel da SilvaMaster thesis Open access
31-Jul-2023Blueprint: documenting the complexity of metabolic regulation by reconstruction of integrated metabolic-regulatory modelsCruz, Fernando João PereiraDoctoral thesisOpen access
2019Decoding the interplay between TAZ and metabolism in early lung developmentSilva, Henrique Emanuel AraújoMaster thesis Open access
30-Mar-2022Development of genetically encoded biosensors for Plasmodium falciparumPinheiro, Ana Rita LimaMaster thesis Open access
2021Dynamic genome-scale modelling of the Saccharomyces non-cerevisiae yeasts metabolism in wine fermentationSantos, David Miguel Ferreira dosMaster thesis Open access
28-Oct-2020Exploring the crosstalk between mood and metabolism: new insights from ageing, obesity and depressionNunes, José Carlos Leitão PortugalDoctoral thesisOpen access
2-Mar-2020Metabolic networks and metabolism in acute myeloid leukemiaPereira, Olga Marisa da SilvaDoctoral thesisOpen access
9-Jan-2023Metabolism of carboxylic acids in fungal infectionsFernandes, Vitor Sérgio CoutinhoMaster thesis Restricted access (Author)
2021Metabolismo: perpetuidade de impermanênciaSá, Sara Carina Gomes CorreiaMaster thesis Open access
2019Novel Biomarkers for metabolic inheritance of obesity through male gametesPereira, Sara Catarina FernandesMaster thesis Open access
2-Dec-2021Physiology of photosynthetic grape berry tissues: the effects of canopy light microclimate and climate stress mitigation strategiesGarrido, Andreia Raquel MartinsDoctoral thesisOpen access
20-Dec-2019Targeting lactate transport for tumor immunotherapySantos, Nuno Filipe Lopes dosMaster thesis Open access
2018Uncovering the role of acetate in the crosstalk between monocarboxylate transporters and oncogene signalling pathways in colorectal cancerGomes, Sara Daniela CoelhoMaster thesis Open access