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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Sep-2015Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coli dissimilarity: closely related bacteria with distinct metabolic profilesSargo, Cíntia R .; Campani, Gilson; Silva, Gabriel G., et al.ArticleOpen access
Jul-2010Selection of elementary modes for bioprocess controlSoons, Zita; Ferreira, E. C.; Rocha, I.Conference paperOpen access
26-Feb-2011Selection of thermodynamically feasible and active pathwaysSoons, Zita; Ferreira, E. C.; Rocha, I.AbstractOpen access
24-Aug-2012Selective enrichment of hydrocarbonoclastic bacteria producing storage compounds of biotechnological relevanceCarvalho, A. R.; Castro, Paulo; Rocha, I., et al.AbstractOpen access
2011Semantic annotation of biological concepts interplaying microbial cellular responsesCarreira, Rafael; Carneiro, S.; Pereira, Rui C., et al.ArticleOpen access
2010A software tool for network topology analysis under a Metabolic Engineering perspectivePinto, José P.; Rocha, I.; Rocha, MiguelConference paperOpen access
2009A software tool for the simulation and optimization of dynamic metabolic modelsEvangelista, Pedro; Rocha, I.; Ferreira, E. C., et al.Conference paperOpen access
2006Specific growth rate regulation in a simulated fed-batch E. coli fermentationRocha, I.; Ferreira, E. C.Conference paperOpen access
2014Standardization and comparison of the biomass objective functions of manually curated genome-scale metabolic modelsXavier, Joana Rute Calça; Patil, Kiran Raosaheb; Rocha, I.AbstractOpen access
5-Oct-2012State and specific growth estimation in heterologous protein production by Pichia pastorisBarrigón, J. M.; Ramon, R.; Rocha, I., et al.ArticleOpen access
Oct-2016Stoichiometric representation of geneproteinreaction associations leverages constraint-based analysis from reaction to gene-level phenotype predictionMachado, Daniel; Herrgård, Markus J.; Rocha, IsabelArticleOpen access
2011Stringent response of escherichia coli : revisiting the bibliome using literature miningCarneiro, S.; Lourenço, Anália; Ferreira, E. C., et al.ArticleOpen access
2011A study of the short and long-term regulation of E. coli metabolic pathwaysLourenço, Anália; Carneiro, S.; Pinto, José P., et al.ArticleOpen access
3-Nov-2009A study on the effects of using gene-reaction rules on in silico strain optimizationVilaça, Paulo; Maia, Paulo; Evangelista, Pedro, et al.AbstractOpen access
2012Super model of the world : Enterococcus faecalisPortela, Carla Andreia Freixo; Villas-Bôas, S. G.; Rocha, I., et al.AbstractOpen access
2012Synbiobacther: engineering “therapeutic” bacteriaRodrigues, L. R.; Rodrigues, Joana Lúcia Lima Correia; Machado, C. D., et al.AbstractOpen access
6-Jul-2013A synthetic biology approach to engineer "therapeutic" bacteriaDuarte, S. O. D.; Paulo, J.; Machado, C. D., et al.AbstractOpen access
11-Oct-2010System analysis of metabolism in Helicobacter pyloriCorreia, Daniela M.; Azevedo, N. F.; Vieira, M. J., et al.AbstractOpen access
2011A systematic modeling approach to elucidate the triggering of the stringent response in recombinant E. coli systemsCarneiro, S.; Ferreira, E. C.; Rocha, I.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
31-Jul-2005A systems biology approach for the characterization of metabolic bottlenecks in recombinant protein production processesCarneiro, S.; Rocha, I.; Ferreira, Eugénio C.AbstractOpen access