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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
13-Dec-2022Automated and intelligent hacking detection systemCarvalho, Bruno Alves MartinsMaster thesis Open access
10-Dec-2020Automatic parameter tuning using reinforcement learningFerreira, Luís Manuel MerujeMaster thesis Open access
30-May-2022Automation of machine learning models benchmarkingSá, João Pedro BarrosMaster thesis Open access
2021Bacteriophage-host determinants: identification of bacteriophage receptors through machine learning techniquesAraújo, Pedro Henrique Matela Aidos Manso deMaster thesis Open access
18-Nov-2019Building an automated platform for the classification of peptides/proteins using machine learningSequeira, Ana Marta Fernandes TavaresMaster thesis Open access
15-Mar-2021Computational methods for the identification of genetic variants in complex diseasesAntunes, Débora AlvesMaster thesis Open access
2019Deep reinforcement learning for robot navigation systemsRibeiro, Tiago AlcântaraMaster thesis Open access
24-Mar-2022Developing deep learnig methods to predict phenotypes and clinical outcomes from transcriptomics dataVieira, Maria Fernanda SilvaMaster thesis Open access
28-Nov-2019Developing deep learning methods to predict cancer and its outcome from transcriptomics dataSoares, Óscar MarquesMaster thesis Open access
15-Dec-2022Development of a recommendation system for scientific literature based on deep learningSilva, Tiago Rafael Ferreira Miranda daMaster thesis Open access
16-Nov-2020Development of a tool based on deep learning able to classify biomedical literatureAlves, Nuno Miguel CaetanoMaster thesis Open access
27-Apr-2023Development of deep learning models for scRNA data analysisMacedo, Diogo Duarte PintoMaster thesis Open access
2012Estratégias de filtragem Anti-Spam baseadas em técnicas de computação evolucionáriaVaz, Rui Fernando MartinsMaster thesis Open access
27-Oct-2021Georreferenciação de conteúdos de bases de dados documentaisGomes, João Pedro CarvalhoMaster thesis Open access
2017Historical data management in big databasesSimão, José Pedro Ribeiro NunesMaster thesis Open access
7-Mar-2023Inteligência de negócio na área de seguros: seleção de funcionalidades de apólicesPinto, Ricardo Sousa TeixeiraMaster thesis Open access
21-Dec-2021Machine Learning applied to fault correlationLima, Pedro Jorge RitoMaster thesis Open access
10-Aug-2021Machine learning interpretability in a context of black box regression modelsPimentel, João Pedro TorresMaster thesis Open access
2022Multi-view learning for multiomics data integration for the study of plantsFaria, Maria Inês AlvesMaster thesis Open access
21-Mar-2022Parallel, angular and perpendicular parking for autonomously driven vehiclesSousa, Bruno António RodriguesMaster thesis Open access