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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
6-Jun-2023Advanced machine learning techniques in rare events research at the Large Hadron ColliderNeiva, Maria do Céu Vale LopesMaster thesis Open access
13-Dec-2022Algoritmos de aprendizagem automática para previsão de AVCCosta, Eduardo João Gomes Teixeira daMaster thesis Open access
18-Jan-2023An intelligent decision support system for estimating supply lead times towards improved safety stock dimensioningBarros, Júlio Dinis LopesDoctoral thesisOpen access
2022Automation of companies’ recruitment process: development of an algorithm capable of ranking CVs according to job offersRocha, Beatriz de FreitasMaster thesis Open access
6-Apr-2021Building a hybrid recommender engine for e-commercePeixoto, Vítor Emanuel CarvalhoMaster thesis Open access
10-Dec-2020Chatbot development to assist patients in health care servicesBarbosa, António Pedro MesquitaMaster thesis Open access
2021Classificação de clientes com aprendizagem automáticaLopes, Adriana Loureiro Vilas BoasMaster thesis Open access
16-Dec-2020Classificador da condição do piso para um sistema de condução autónomaPeixoto, Flávio Joel MartinsMaster thesis Open access
18-Nov-2019Clinical decision support using machine learning: Parkinsonism and Fabry DiseaseFernandes, Carlos Rafael MoreiraMaster thesis Open access
16-Feb-2022Cloud-based IoT as a serviceMartins, Bruno Manuel ChavesMaster thesis Open access
2021Data mining: modelação de algoritmos para automação de marketingCosta, José Luís SousaMaster thesis Open access
22-Dec-2020A machine learning approach to boredom detection in smartphonesCampos, Carlos José GomesMaster thesis Open access
28-Nov-2022Monitoring and optimization of an autonomous learning systemPalumbo, Guilherme FragaMaster thesis Open access
2019New observables and techniques for the study of jets in hadron collisionsPeres, Filipa Cavaco ReisMaster thesis Open access
28-Dec-2022Opportunistic Wi-Fi network selection in heterogeneous vehicular wireless networks for detecting VRUs through edge computingTeixeira, Daniel Filipe da RochaMaster thesis Open access
10-Aug-2021Optimization of epidemic multicast protocolsFernandes, Diogo André TelesMaster thesis Open access
27-Oct-2021Query optimizers based on machine learning techniquesSouto, Rui Pedro Sousa Rodrigues doMaster thesis Open access
2020Search for dark matter in monotop events at the Large Hadron ColliderTeixeira, Maura Gabriela BarrosMaster thesis Open access
1-Mar-2022Study of friction mechanisms between texturized surfacesSilva, Alexandre Daniel Mendonça Faria daMaster thesis Open access
24-May-2022Supervised machine learning techniques in high energy physicsOliveira, António Carlos PintoMaster thesis Open access