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TitleComparison of H. pylori in silico metabolic model predictions with experimental data
Author(s)Correia, Daniela M.
Cunha, M. L. R.
Azevedo, N. F.
Vieira, M. J.
Rocha, I.
Issue dateAug-2009
Citation“Helicobacter.” ISSN 1083-4389. 14:4 (Ago. 2009) 388.
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] The Systems Biology approach has been replacing the reductionist view that dominated biology research in the last decades. Present biochemical knowledge and genomic databases allowed the development of metabolic models for several organisms, which, however, are still incomplete. The availability of the genome sequence of H. pylori has allowed the construction of a genome-scale metabolic model for this organism. The purposes of this work were to study the growth of H. pylori in a chemically defined medium, to compare the experimental data obtained with the simulated data supplied by the model and analyse the composition of the in silico media used. [...]
AccessOpen access
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