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Registos da coleção (ordenados por datas de depósito em ordem descendente): 1-20 de um total de 67
12-Jan-2017Optimization of Pseudomonas sp. M1 as a biocatalyst of β-myrcene and related plantderived volatiles using Synthetic BiologyCastro, Pedro Miguel SoaresdoctoralThesisrestrictedAccess
14-Mar-2017Molecular mechanisms underlying the anticancer activity of lactoferrin in highly metastatic cancer cell linesGuedes, Joana Catarina PereiramasterThesisembargoedAccess (3 Years)
11-Nov-2016Plant-based pesticides: Potential of apiaceae essential oilsSousa, Rose Marie Oliveira Ferreira dedoctoralThesisembargoedAccess (2 Years)
16-Jun-2016Molecular biodiversity and advanced monitoring tools for macrobenthic communities of Portuguese coastal ecosystemsArteaga, Jorge LobodoctoralThesisembargoedAccess (3 Years)
17-Mai-2016Population genomics and landscape genetics of the Iberian honey bee (Apis mellifera iberiensis)Chávez Galarza, Julio CésardoctoralThesisopenAccess
20-Abr-2016Functionalization of protein-based polymers for advanced biomaterialsCosta, André Manuel Abreu dadoctoralThesisrestrictedAccess
11-Fev-2016The role of monocarboxylate transporters in 3-bromopyruvate effect in cancer cellsSilva, João Pedro AzevedodoctoralThesisrestrictedAccess
8-Jan-2016Development of Monoolein-based lipofection vectors for therapeutic siRNA deliveryOliveira, Ana Cristina Norberto Gonçalves dedoctoralThesisrestrictedAccess
29-Jan-2016Pharmacological evaluation of plant extracts from Chapada Diamantina (Bahia, Brazil): Focus on antioxidant and cytotoxic propertiesPinho, Cláudia Marta Libreiro dedoctoralThesisrestrictedAccess
21-Dez-2015Development of polymeric nanoparticles containing neuroprotective compounds of Hypericum perforatumOliveira, Ana Isabel de Freitas Tavares dedoctoralThesisrestrictedAccess
11-Dez-2015Protein-based nanodevices for therapeutic applicationsLoureiro, Ana Isabel SádoctoralThesisrestrictedAccess
10-Dez-2015Development of folate-targeted liposomes for rheumatoid arthritis therapyNogueira, Eugénia Sofia CostadoctoralThesisrestrictedAccess
10-Dez-2015Evolution of the gene regulatory network controlling flower dorsoventral asymmetryRaimundo, João Alexandre PereiradoctoralThesisrestrictedAccess
19-Nov-2015Systems biology approaches for the design of novel Saccharomyces cerevisiae winemaking strains for enhanced flavour compounds synthesisMendes, Inês Isabel Moreira Moutinho VieiradoctoralThesisopenAccess
12-Nov-2015Nanotechnological approaches using curcumin and Withania somnifera: neuroprotection and antimicrobial activitiesGregory, MarslindoctoralThesisembargoedAccess (3 Years)
14-Fev-2014Impact of mutated KRAS signalling on autophagy regulation in colorectal carcinomaAlves, Sara Cristina SequeiradoctoralThesisrestrictedAccess
14-Out-2015Study of grapevine solute transporters involved in berry quality. A biochemical and molecular approachNoronha, Henrique Luis Silva dedoctoralThesisembargoedAccess (3 Years)
19-Dez-2013Engineering of core Pentose Metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae for Bio-ethanol ProductionPereira, Filipa Alexandra BarrosodoctoralThesisrestrictedAccess
18-Jun-2015The role of Pep4p, the vacuolar yeast protease ortholog of human cathepsin D, in mitochondria-dependent apoptosisPereira, Helena Paula FernandesdoctoralThesisembargoedAccess (3 Years)
29-Jun-2015Engineering of fatty acid production and secretion in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeRibeiro, Gabriela Filipa LopesdoctoralThesisrestrictedAccess
Registos da coleção (ordenados por datas de depósito em ordem descendente): 1-20 de um total de 67