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TitleFabrics made from non-conventaional blends : what can we expect from them related to frictional properties
Author(s)Lima, Mário
Vasconcelos, Rosa
Silva, Luís F.
Cunha, Joana
Friction coefficient
Non-conventional blends
Issue date2009
PublisherSAGE Publications Ltd
JournalTextile Research Journal
Citation"Textile Research Journal". ISSN 0040-5175. 79:4 (2009) 337-342.
Abstract(s)This paper briefly describes a novel patented laboratory equipment, which was studied, designed, and manufactured at the University of Minho, Portugal, based on a new method of accessing friction coefficient of fabrics and other two-dimensional non-rigid surfaces, as well as its fundamentals and working principle. An experimental study was carried out in order to compare fabrics produced with a new generation of fibers, namely polylatic acid (PLA) fiber and soya protein fiber (SPF). A 5- satin structure weave was used in the double-faced fabrics’ construction in both sides, allowing us to test the influence of each fiber in the friction properties. The results of the experimental work were analyzed using various tools, including SPSS15.0statistical package and commented in the light of the influence of the raw material in the friction properties of the fabrics. The soft felling of the SPF was confirmed as expected, as well as the roughness of the PLA fiber.
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AccessOpen access
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