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TitleA brief surf on the net for gamification research
Author(s)İlin, Gülden
Lencastre, José Alberto
Issue dateJun-2021
PublisherÖzKaracan Printers and Binders
Citationİlin, G., & Lencastre, J. A. (2021). A Brief Surf on the Net for Gamification Research. In José Alberto Lencastre et al. (eds.). Gaming in Action, (pp. 15-33). Istanbul: ÖzKaracan.
Abstract(s)With the improvements in technology, for quite a while instructional approaches having been going through changes and we encounter a variety of forms in education. Some of the means that come to our minds at the outset can be counted as online or distance education programmes, face-to-face or blended courses, flipped classes, education via television broadcasts, live videos, podcasts, web-based or mobile-learning systems, among many others. Each form of education can be said to be designed taking into consideration numerous variables according to the convenience of the target population. Instructional designers put the learners in the centre of the teaching/learning context and utilise various strategies in order to attract the interest and enhance motivation of the course takers. Gamifying the learning environment is one of them.
TypeBook part
AccessOpen access
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