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TitleContinuity of the core-EP inverse and its applications
Author(s)Gao, Yuefeng
Chen, Jianlong
Patrício, Pedro
KeywordsCore-EP inverse
pseudo core inverse
perturbation bound
Issue date24-Apr-2019
PublisherTaylor & Francis Ltd
JournalLinear & Multilinear Algebra
Abstract(s)In this paper, firstly we study the continuity of the core-EP inverse without explicit error bounds by virtue of two methods. One is the rank equality, followed from the classical generalized inverse. The other one is matrix decomposition. The continuity of the core inverse can be derived as a particular case. Secondly, we study perturbation bounds for the core-EP inverse under prescribed conditions. Perturbation bounds for the core inverse can be derived as a particular case. Also, as corollaries, the sufficient (and necessary) conditions for the continuity of the core-EP inverse are obtained. Thirdly, a numerical example is illustrated to compare derived upper bounds. Finally, an application to semistable matrices is provided.
AccessOpen access
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