CMAT - Artigos em revistas com arbitragem / Papers in peer review journals : [671] Statistics

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Aug-2021Stable and convergent finite difference schemes on nonuniformtime meshes for distributed-order diffusion equationsMorgado, M. Luísa; Rebelo, Magda; Ferrás, Luís Jorge LimaArticleOpen access
Jul-2021Hydrodynamic entrance length for laminar flow in microchannels with rectangular cross sectionFerreira, Germán; Sucena, Artur; Ferrás, Luís Jorge Lima, et al.ArticleOpen access
14-Aug-2021Portuguese sentiment analysis applied to a reality show using Twitter and NLP in real timeAzevedo, Marta; Pinheiro, José; Castro, CecíliaArticleOpen access
2018Mixed precision bisectionRalha, RuiArticleOpen access
2018Parameter estimation of the Linear Phase Correction model by hierarchical linear modelsNoy, Dominic; Menezes, RaquelArticleOpen access
2019Mixed-effects modeling for analyzing land use change in the Brazilian Pantanal subregion of CáceresGalvanin, Edinéia A. S.; Menezes, Raquel; Pereira, Murilo H. X., et al.ArticleOpen access
Mar-2020A refined interpretation of intuitionistic logic by means of atomic polymorphismEspírito Santo, José; Ferreira, GildaArticleOpen access
2020Lagrange multipliers for evolution problems with constraints on the derivativesAzevedo, Assis; Rodrigues, José Francisco; Santos, LisaArticleEmbargoed access (2 Years)
Oct-2020Dissecting the multivariate extremal index and tail dependenceFerreira, Helena; Ferreira, Marta SusanaArticleOpen access
2018Fatigue and microgap behaviour of a three-unit implant-fixed dental prosthesis combining conventional and dynamic abutmentsFerreira, José Rocha; Song, Nannan; Machado, Margarida, et al.ArticleOpen access
2020Mixed-effects modelling for crossed and nested data: an analysis of dengue fever in the state of Goias, BrazilOliveira, A. N.; Menezes, Raquel; Faria, Susana, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
23-Dec-2020Kernels of unbounded Toeplitz operators and factorization of symbolsCâmara, M. C.; Malheiro, M. Teresa; Partington, J. R.ArticleOpen access
28-Mar-2019A robust sparce linear approach for contamined dataShahriari, Shirin; Faria, Susana; Gonçalves, A. ManuelaArticleOpen access
15-Nov-2018Which are the factors that may explain the differences in water and energy consumptions in urban and rural environments?Matos, C.; Bentes, I.; Pereira, S., et al.ArticleOpen access
2020Multivariate medial correlation with applicationsFerreira, Helena; Ferreira, Marta SusanaArticleOpen access
2020Modelling irregularly spaced time series under preferential samplingMonteiro, Andreia Alves Forte Oliveira; Menezes, Raquel; Silva, Maria EduardaArticleOpen access
24-Jun-2020Modelling informative time points: an evolutionary process approachMonteiro, Andreia Alves Forte Oliveira; Menezes, Raquel; Silva, Maria EduardaArticleOpen access
1-Aug-2020Weighted binary relations involving core-EP inverseGao, Yuefeng; Chen, Jianlong; Patrício, PedroArticleEmbargoed access (1 Year)
1-Jan-2019Group-regular ringsMary, Xavier; Patrício, PedroArticleOpen access
2021A fast algorithm for solving diagonally dominant symmetric quasi-pentadiagonal Toeplitz linear systemsBelhaj, Skander; Hcini, Fahd; Moakher, Maher, et al.ArticleOpen access
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit date in descending order): 1 to 20 of 671