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TitleEFFE-Escreves como falas - falas como escreves?
Author(s)Lourenço-Gomes, Maria do Carmo
Rodrigues, Celeste
Alves, Isabel
Keywordsspelling development
alphabetic spelling
syllable complexity
written and spoken language
Issue date2016
PublisherJohn Benjamins Publishing Company
JournalRevue Romane
CitationLourenço-Gomes, M. C; Rodrigues, C.; Alves, I. (2016) Escreves como Falas - Falas como escreves? Revue Romane, 51:1, p. 36-69. DOI 10.1075/rro.51.1.02gom. John Benjamins Publishing Company.
Abstract(s)This paper introduces the project EFFE that applies and develops a methodology for data collection primarily intended for the study of the correlation between oral and written production in European Portuguese, and that also aims to serve a broad range of studies in different areas. It comprehends (i) a brief review of two scientific contexts occupied with learning to read and write, which are at the basis of the methodological planning of future corpora; (ii) the methodology adopted for the collection of speech and writing material of 48 children of a private school in Lisbon, and a summary of the quantitative data already observed; (iii) some considerations on unconventional forms (UF) observed in written production that reflect the speech of those children.
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AccessOpen access
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