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TitleAuditory Skills Informal Protocol: pilot study
Author(s)Martins, Inês
Carvalho, Graça Simões de
Nunes, Cristiane Lima
Capellini, Simone
KeywordsAuditory processing
Child health
Issue date2019
JournalJournal of Hearing Science
CitationMartins, I. & Carvalho, G.S., Nunes, C.L. & Capellini, S. (2019). Auditory Skills Informal Protocol: Pilot Study. Journal of Hearing Science, 9 (1), 28. (abstract)
Abstract(s)Keywords: Auditory Skills, evaluation, school children Background, Auditory skills play an important role in reading and writing learning, so the identification of deficits in the auditory processing is central in children of school age. Material and methods, Evaluation of Auditory Skills with the Auditory Skills Informal Protocol, with children of the 1st to the 5th grade, with no intellectual and hearing impairment. Data will be analysed in the IBM SPSS program (means, standard deviations, 25th and 75th percentiles, minimums, maximums, and others). Results, A total of 100 children were evaluated (20 of the 1th grade, 21 of the 2th grade, 19 of the 3th grade, 21 of the 4th grade and 19 of the 5th grade). Some of them were excluded due to intellectual/auditory deficits. Data were analysed by school grade . Conclusion, Auditory Skills Informal Protocol showed to be a reliable instrument that allows an informal evaluation of children from 1st to 5th year, allowing the identification of children at risk for auditory processing disorder. After this evaluation it is possible to refer children at risk for a complete and formal assessment of auditory processing with a specialist in this area.
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