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TitleExploring children’s ideas of discrete variables using graphs, tables and isolated cases
Author(s)Mamede, Ema
Carvalho, Liliane
Issue date2018
PublisherUniversity of Palermo. Department of Mathematics
JournalQuaderni di Ricerca in Didattica (matematica)
Abstract(s)A survey was conducted to analyse the effect of different representation of information on 6th graders mathematical reasoning (N=120), when discrete variables are involved. It addresses two questions: 1) Are there differences on children’s performance when the information is represented by bar graphs, tables and isolated cases? 2) Are there differences on children’s reasoning in each of these conditions? And 3) What difficulties do children present when solving problems with information presented using bar graphs, tables and isolates cases? The children were randomly assigned to work in one of the three groups: Graphs, Tables and Isolated Cases. The same problems were presented to all children using the representation of information of the group condition. The problems comprised simple and double proportions. Results show that the type of representation used to present discrete variables does not have an effect on students’ performance.
AccessOpen access
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