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TitleCurso Anual de Português Língua Estrangeira (PLE) no ILCH|UMINHO: números e outros dados curiosos
Author(s)Patrício, Emília Maria Moutinho
Barroso, Henrique
KeywordsAnnual Course
Portuguese as a Foreign Language
BabeliUM – Language Centre
Institute of Arts and Humanities
University of Minho
Issue date2018
CitationPatrício, Emília e Barroso, Henrique (2018). «Curso Anual de Português Língua Estrangeira (PLE) no ILCH|UMINHO: números e outros dados curiosos», in Barroso, Henrique (ed.), O Português na Casa do Mundo, Hoje. V. N. Famalicão: Húmus, 2018, pp. 157-215. [ISBN 978-989–755-348-6].
Abstract(s)The need to learn a language other than the one shared by the members of a society has always been essential. That need is currently even greater given the permeability of borders that results in an increasingly multilingual and multicultural world. This study seeks to contribute to an understanding of the effect that the learning of Portuguese as a foreign language has as a way to promote intercultural dialogue by analysing the evolution of the Annual Course of Portuguese as a Foreign Language, which is currently celebrating its 25th birthday.
TypeBook part
AccessOpen access
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