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TitleEvaluation of Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid Cytokines as Biomarkers for Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis in At-Risk Patients
Author(s)Gonçalves, Samuel Martins
Lagrou, Katrien
Rodrigues, Claudia S.
Campos, Claudia F.
Bernal-Martinez, Leticia
Rodrigues, Fernando José dos Santos
Silvestre, Ricardo Jorge Leal
Alcazar-Fuoli, Laura
Maertens, Johan A.
Cunha, Cristina
Carvalho, Agostinho
KeywordsInvasive pulmonary aspergillosis
Bronchoalveolar lavage
Fungal diagnostics
Issue date29-Nov-2017
PublisherFrontiers Media
JournalFrontiers in Microbiology
CitationGonçalves, S. M., Lagrou, K., Rodrigues, C. S., Campos, C. F., Bernal-Martínez, L., Rodrigues, F., ... & Carvalho, A. (2017). Evaluation of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid cytokines as biomarkers for invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in at-risk patients. Frontiers in microbiology, 8, 2362.
Abstract(s)Background: Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis (IPA) is an infection that primarily affects immunocompromised hosts, including hematological patients and stem-cell transplant recipients. The diagnosis of IPA remains challenging, making desirable the availability of new specific biomarkers. High-throughput methods now allow us to interrogate the immune system for multiple markers of inflammation with enhanced resolution.Methods: To determine whether a signature of alveolar cytokines could be associated with the development of IPA and used as a diagnostic biomarker, we performed a nested case-control study involving 113 patients at-risk.Results: Among the 32 analytes tested, IL-beta, IL-6, IL-8, IL-17A, IL-23, and TNF a were significantly increased among patients with IPA, defining two clusters able to accurately differentiate cases of infection from controls. Genetic variants previously reported to confer increased risk of IPA compromised the production of specific cytokines and impaired their discriminatory potential toward infection. Collectively, our data indicated that IL-8 was the best performing cytokine, with alveolar levels >= 904 pg/mL predicting IPA with elevated sensitivity (90%), specificity (73%), and negative predictive value (88%).Conclusions: These findings highlight the existence of a specific profile of alveolar cytokines, with IL-8 being the dominant discriminator, whichmight be useful in supporting current diagnostic approaches for IPA.
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