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TítuloAugmentation of patellar tendon repair with autologous semitendinosus graft - Porto technique
Autor(es)Mendes, João Espregueira
Andrade, Renato
Michael, M.J.S. Fredrick
Sarmento, André
Sevivas, Nuno
Rocha, Rui
Filho, Ricardo Bastos
RevistaArthroscopy Techniques
Resumo(s)Patellar tendon ruptures can lead to significant functional deficiency of the extensor mechanism of the knee. These injuries, because of their inherent nature and associated complications, may require a complex treatment and remains a challenge for orthopaedic surgeons. Current surgical techniques present significant complications, including patellar fracture, damage to patellar articular cartilage, and abnormal patella height. This note describes a surgical technique to provide an additional reinforcement to the patellar tendon repair with a semitendinous autograft, without the necessity to perform any transosseous tunnels at the patella bone. First, the patellar tendon is repaired with an end-to-end technique and the semitendinous tendon is harvested. A transosseous tunnel at the tibial tubercle is drilled and 2 rents are made, both medial and lateral to the retinaculum at the level of the intermedial segment of the patella close to the patellar margin. The graft is passed through the tunnel and rents in a U-shaped form. The graft is sutured along the length of the patellar tendon on both margins in tension at 30 of knee flexion. Fluoroscopy imaging is performed to assess the patella height. This technique provides a significant augmentation of patellar tendon, avoiding the potential patella bone tunnel complications.
Descrição"Article in press" ; "Published online: November 27, 2017"
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