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TitleEditors’ introduction [to Better e-learning for innovation in education]
Author(s)İlin, Gülden
İlin, Şükrü Çetin
Silva, Bento Duarte da
Osório, António José
Lencastre, José Alberto
Issue date2017
Citationİlin, G., İlin, Ş. Ç., Silva, B. D., Osório, A. J., & Lencastre, J. A. (eds.) (2017). Editors’ Introduction. In Gülden İlin, Şükrü Çetin İlin, Bento Duarte da Silva, António J. Osório and José Alberto Lencastre (eds.), Better e-Learning for Innovation in Education (pp. 5-10). Istanbul: ÖzKaracan.
Abstract(s)We hope that this collection of chapters provides appropriate food for thought, and stimulates an enhanced provision of online e-Learning elements in Adult Education courses that will be applied for the benefit of people that may not as yet readily engage with the world of education.
TypeBook editorial
AccessOpen access
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