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TitleA systematic review of design factors to prevent attrition and dropout in e-Learning courses
Author(s)Monteiro, Sandro
Lencastre, José Alberto
Silva, Bento Duarte
Osório, António José
de Waal, Paula
İlin, Şükrü Çetin
İlin, Gülden
KeywordsSystematic review
e-Learning barriers
Issue dateOct-2017
CitationMonteiro, S., Lencastre, J. A., Silva, B. D., Osório, A. J., de Waal, P., İlin, S. Ç., & İlin, G. (2017). A Systematic Review of Design Factors to Prevent Attrition and Dropout in e-Learning Courses. In Gülden İlin, Şükrü Çetin İlin, Bento Duarte da Silva, António J. Osório and José Alberto Lencastre, Better e-Learning for Innovation in Education (pp. 135-153). Istanbul: ÖzKaracan. ISBN 978-605-82219-0-1
Abstract(s)The problem with high rates of attrition in e-Learning courses has been argued over at length without a clear understanding of what factors contribute to learners dropping out, withdrawing or not completing e- Learning courses. The available research suggests that attrition among adult online learners can be classified into two broad categories: (i) factors related to the learner and his/her context, and (ii) factors related to the course design. ‘Better e-Learning for All’, an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project for adult education, aims to enhance the knowledge about e-Learning as a primary environment for adult education. Thus, the partnership has been studying the e-Learning dropouts and dropout reasons reported in literature in order to identify a suitable ‘state-of-the- art’ concerning dropout and attrition: this chapter presents the review process and the data obtained.
TypeBook part
AccessOpen access
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