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TítuloAnglo-Portuguese colonial rivalry in late nineteenth-century Africa: visual commentary in contemporary satirical journals
AutorPaisana, Joanne
EditorChrzanowska-Kluczewska, E.
Witalisz, W.
Palavras-chaveVisual satire
Pontos nos ii
EditoraPeter Lang
CitaçãoPaisana, J. (2011). ‘Anglo-Portuguese colonial rivalry in late nineteenth-century Africa: visual commentary in contemporary satirical journals’, Migration, Narration, Communication, Peter Lang, Frankfurt, pág. 103-115.
ResumoThe colonial rivalry which characterized the Scramble for Africa was keenly felt by Portugal especially in relation to England, an ally since 1386. England's Ultimatum to Portugal in 1890 was seen by many Portuguese as a betrayal, a grave insult to national pride and a threat to her colonial ambitions. This paper will compare one Anglo-Portuguese cultural response to the whole colonial question by examining the visual representations of 'The Ultimatum' in particular, and the colonial problem in general, in contemporary British and Portuguese humorous journals such as 'Punch', 'O António Maria' and 'Os Pontos nos ii'. Various aspects of the visual portrayals (cartoons) will be examined, for example the use of stereotypes (especially Zé Povinho and John Bull) with a view to outlining culture-based similarities and differences.
Arbitragem científicayes
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