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TitleTeaching and developing as a teacher in contradictory times
Author(s)Flores, Maria Assunção
Issue date2017
PublisherTaylor and Francis
JournalTeachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice
CitationFlores, M. A. (2017) Editorial. Teaching and developing as a teacher in contradictory times. Teachers and Teaching Theory and Practice, 23 (2), pp. 123-126
Abstract(s)Teaching has become a more and more complex activity. Existing literature suggests, amongst other issues, fragmentation of teachers’ work, increasing accountability, bureaucracy and public scrutiny (Esteve, 2000; Estrela, 2001; Hargreaves, 2001). Over the last years, massive school reform initiatives to increase teaching standards and student attainment have been put into place in many countries setting more pressure on schools and teachers. However, if greater demands are placed upon schools and teachers to face the challenges of today’s society and the diversity of expectations of today’s students, in general, their working conditions and opportunities to learn and develop professionally have not been congruent with their needs. In the digital era, lack of resources and equipment, disparities in the access to education from the part of students and their families and different pathways and opportunities for (student) teachers to learn how to teach and to develop as professionals co-exist in various parts of the world. These scenarios present different kinds of challenges for teachers in different countries.
TypeJournal editorial
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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