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TitleThe effects of a skill-based intervention for victims of bullying in Brazil
Author(s)Silva, Jorge Luiz da
Oliveira, Wanderlei Abadio de
Braga, Iara Falleiros
Farias, Marilurdes Silva
Lizzi, Elisangela Aparecida da Silva
Gonçalves, Marlene Fagundes Carvalho
Pereira, Beatriz Oliveira
Silva, Marta Angélica Iossi
Social and emotional skills
School transition
School-based intervention
Issue date2016
JournalInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Abstract(s)This study’s objective was to verify whether improved social and emotional skills would reduce victimization among Brazilian 6th grade student victims of bullying. The targets of this intervention were victimized students; a total of 78 victims participated. A cognitive-behavioral intervention based on social and emotional skills was held in eight weekly sessions. The sessions focused on civility, the ability to make friends, self-control, emotional expressiveness, empathy, assertiveness, and interpersonal problem-solving capacity. Data were analyzed through Poisson regression models with random effects. Pre- and post-analyses reveal that intervention and comparison groups presented significant reduced victimization by bullying. No significant improvement was found in regard to difficulties in practicing social skills. Victimization reduction cannot be attributed to the program. This study contributes to the incipient literature addressing anti-bullying interventions conducted in developing countries and highlights the need for approaches that do not exclusively focus on the students’ individual aspects.
AccessOpen access
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