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TitleLocal non-negative initial data scalar characterization of the Kerr solution
Author(s)García-Parrado Gómez-Lobo, Alfonso
KeywordsBlack hole
Kerr solution
Initial data problem
General Relativity
Issue date23-Dec-2015
PublisherAmerican Physical Society
JournalPhysical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology
Abstract(s)For any vacuum initial data set, we define a local, non-negative scalar quantity which vanishes at every point of the data hypersurface if and only if the data are Kerr initial data. Our scalar quantity only depends on the quantities used to construct the vacuum initial data set which are the Riemannian metric defined on the initial data hypersurface and a symmetric tensor which plays the role of the second fundamental form of the embedded initial data hypersurface. The dependency is algorithmic in the sense that given the initial data one can compute the scalar quantity by algebraic and differential manipulations, being thus suitable for an implementation in a numerical code. The scalar could also be useful in studies of the non-linear stability of the Kerr solution because it serves to measure the deviation of a vacuum initial data set from the Kerr initial data in a local and algorithmic way.
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