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TitleCan one accept the Theory Of Evolution and believe in God as well?
Author(s)Silva, Heslley Machado
Gibram, Daiana Evilin
Tracana, Rosa Branca
Carvalho, Graça Simões de
Issue date2015
JournalProcedia Social and Behavioral Sciences
Abstract(s)This work is part of a broader research project entitled "Rescuing Darwin", which was inspired in a British report, and seeks to investigate how Brazilian understand this statement: "It is impossible to believe in biological evolution and in God simultaneously". Results revealed that the majority of respondents did not agree with the statement. The analysis of results revealed two answers categories, education and religion. Having higher education tended to be a factor in rejecting the claim, although it was not statistically significant. Spiritualists and Catholics showed lower acceptance of this statement (20.0% and 31.7%, respectively), whereas Evangelicals and atheists had higher acceptance (59.5% and 62.5%, respectively). Considering that the latter two groups are growing in the Brazilian population, it is possible to foresee an increase of this acceptance in the future. In general the respondents rejected the statement, which shows that they believe that it is possible to accommodate two conflicting ideas. The results indicate that it is possible to implement science education on evolution in an environment of high religiosity, as individuals with previous dogmatic conceptions can accommodate a theory that contradicts their fundamental beliefs.
TypeConference paper
Description7th World Conference on Educational Sciences, (WCES-2015), 05-07 February 2015, Athens, Greece.
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AccessOpen access
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