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TítuloEquilibrium and stability properties of detonation waves in the hydrodynamic limit of a kinetic model
Autor(es)Marques Jr., Wilson
Soares, A. J.
Bianchi, Miriam Pandolfi
Kremer, Gilberto Medeiros
Palavras-chavechemically reactive flows
detonation waves
hyperbolic systems
hydrodynamic stability
EditoraIOP Publishing
RevistaJournal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
Resumo(s)A shock wave structure problem, like the one which can be formulated for the planar detonation wave, is analyzed here for a binary mixture of ideal gases undergoing the symmetric reaction A1+A1=A2+A2 . The problem is studied at the hydrodynamic Euler limit of a kinetic model of the reactive Boltzmann equation. The chemical rate law is deduced in this frame with a second-order reaction rate, in a hemical regime such that the gas flow is not far away from the chemical equilibrium. The caloric and the thermal equations of state for the specific internal energy and temperature are employed to close the system of balance laws. With respect to other approaches known in the kinetic literature for detonation problems with a reversible reaction, this paper aims to improve some aspects of the wave solution. Within the mathematical analysis of the detonation model, the equation of the equilibrium Hugoniot curve of the final states is explicitly derived for the first time and used to define the correct location of the equilibrium Chapman–Jouguet point in the Hugoniot diagram. The parametric space is widened to investigate the response of the detonation solution to the activation energy of the chemical reaction. Finally, the mathematical formulation of the linear stability problem is given for the wave detonation structure via a normal-mode approach, when bidimensional disturbances perturb the steady solution. The stability equations with their boundary conditions and the radiation condition of the considered model are explicitly derived for small transversal deviations of the shock wave location. The paper shows how a second-order chemical kinetics description, derived at the microscopic level, and an analytic deduction of the equilibrium Hugoniot curve, lead to an accurate picture of the steady detonation with reversible reaction, as well as to a proper bidimensional linear stability analysis.
Versão da editorahttp://iopscience.iop.org/1751-8121/48/23/235501/pdf/1751-8121_48_23_235501.pdf
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