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Author(s)Liu, Dongyou
Paterson, R. R. M.
KeywordsHuman disease
Issue date2011
PublisherCRC Press
CitationLiu, D.; Paterson, R. R. M., Phialophora. In Dongyou Liu, Molecular Detection of Human Fungal Pathogens, Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2011. ISBN: 9781439812402, 345-350
Abstract(s)42.1 Introduction 42.1.1 Classification, Morphology, and Biology 42.1.2 Clinical Features and Pathogenesis Phialophora verrucosa Phialophora richardsiae 42.1.3 Laboratory Diagnosis 42.2 Methods 42.2.1 Sample Preparation 42.2.2 Detection Procedures Pan-Fungal Real-Time PCR and Sequencing Analysis Sequencing Analysis of the ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 Region Sequencing Analysis of the D1/ D2 Domains of 28S rRNA Gene 42.3 Conclusion References.
TypeBook part
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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