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TitlePerformance indicators for clinical practice management in primary care in Portugal : consensus from a Delphi study
Author(s)Pereira, Miguel Basto
Furtado, Sara Isabel Félix
Silva, Ricardo Jorge Pereira
González, Francisco Fachado
Fernandes, Tito Manuel Vara
Sousa, Jaime Correia de
Yaphe, John
KeywordsPerformance indicators
Primary healthcare
Delphi method
Issue date2015
PublisherInforma Healthcare
JournalEuropean Journal of General Practice
CitationBasto-Pereira, M., Felix Furtado, S. I., Pereira Silva, R. J., Gonzalez, F. F., Vara Fernandes, T. M., de Sousa, J. C., & Yaphe, J. (2015). Performance indicators for clinical practice management in primary care in Portugal: Consensus from a Delphi study. European Journal of General Practice, 21(1), 52-57. doi: 10.3109/13814788.2014.907268
Abstract(s)Background: Performance indicators assessing the quality of medical care and linked to pay for performance may cause disagreement. Portuguese indicators included in recent health care reform are controversial. Objectives: To obtain consensus from opinion leaders in family medicine regarding the performance indicators for practice management used in the evaluation of Family Health Units in Portugal. Methods: Eighty-nine specialists in primary care were invited to answer the following question in an online Delphi study: 'Which performance indicators should be assessed regarding the organization and management of clinical practice in primary care in Portugal?' A Likert scale was used to evaluate validity, reliability, feasibility and sensitivity to change. Twenty-seven experts participated in the second round and achieved a high degree of consensus. Eight categories were created for analysis. Results: The experts suggested the use of existing indicators as well as new indicators. Thirty-nine indicators suggested by the experts are currently in use in Portugal. The assessment of the number of clinical acts performed, the number of administrative acts, and evaluation of the clinical demographic profile achieved a high degree of consensus. The expert panel suggested fifty new indicators. Five categories of these new indicators had a high degree of consensus, and three categories had a low degree of consensus. Conclusion: The expert panel recommended that performance indicators of practice management should first assess the quantity of clinical and administrative activities undertaken. These indicators must take into account the human and financial resources available to the clinic and its demographic context.
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Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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