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TitleEffect of a static non-uniform magnetic field on the surface properties of acrylic resin
Author(s)Gasparetto, A.
Hibler, I.
Palangana, A. J.
Paula, Claudete Rodrigues
Oliveira, Rosário
Issue date2002
Abstract(s)INTRODUCTION: The acrylic resin is a polymeric material with several applications in different scientific and technological fields, especially in medicine and biotechnology. Its physical characteristics or their possible modifications can imply new ways of utilization and applicability. OBJECTIVE: To study the effect of a magnetic field on the surface physico-chemical properties usually implied in bacterial adhesion, especially surface hydrophobicity. METHODS: the hydrophobicity of the resin surface was determined by sessile drop contact angle measurements, using van Oss (1994) methodology. Accordingly, a substance (i) is considered hydrophobic when the variation of the free energy of interaction between two entities of substance (i) immersed in water is negative (DGiwi<0). That is to say, the two entities of substance (i) interact preferentially between them then with water. On the contrary, if DGiwi>0, substance (i) is hydrophilic. Two types of resin samples were used: hydrated and non-hydrated ones. The hydrated samples were obtained by autoclaving at 121ºC. Before contact angle measurements, the samples submitted to the magnetic field were exposed during 24 hours to a field of 500gauss generated between to parallel magnetite plates. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: The principal results are summarized in Table 1. As could be expected the hydrated resin is hydrophilic, while the dehydrated is hydrophobic. However, when the hydrated resin is submitted to the magnetic field it becomes even more hydrophobic than when dehydrated. This can be explained by the effect of the magnetic field on the orientation of the water molecules of hydration. Consequently, there is an evident alteration of surface properties promoted by the magnetic field.
AccessOpen access
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