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TitleMicrolenses array made with AZ4562 photoresist for stereoscopic acquisition
Author(s)Rocha, R. P.
Carmo, João Paulo Pereira
Gomes, J. M.
Belsley, M.
Correia, J. H.
Thermal reflow
Photoresist AZ4562
Stereocopic image formation
Issue date2012
JournalProcedia Engineering
Abstract(s)In this paper is presented a fabrication process for obtaining refractive microlenses arrays with high reproducibility and low cost. This process was specifically optimized for the AZ4562 photoresist. Functional prototypes of microlenses arrays with dimensions in the range of 30 m, 4.9 mm and 5 m for width, length and thickness, respectively, were fabricated and tested. The pre-thermal reflow spacing between adjacent isosceles trapezoids is 1.35-5.43 m, from bottom to top, respectively. This separation allows the photoresist to reflow and join the adjacent microlens creating a consistent and homogeneous array.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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