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TitleEfficient preparation of graphene by combined intercalation : exfoliation steps
Author(s)Schellenberg, Peter Michael
Bernardo, César
Gonçalves, Hugo
Belsley, M.
Martins, José A.
Moura, C.
Stauber, Tobias Pascal
Graphite intercalation
Graphene preparation
Graphene exfoliation
Issue dateApr-2012
Abstract(s)Despite the impressive improvements in the quality of large CVD- synthesized graphene sheets over the past years, the highest quality graphene layers are still obtained by mechanical exfoliation of pristine graphitic crystals. However, the method is notoriously tedious and gives a low yield. Worse still, the graphene crystals are relatively small and large layers are often damaged by the exfoliation process itself. We wish to address these limitations and present a novel approach to prepare large graphene flakes with increased yield. To this end we combine the standard mechanical exfoliation with a chemical pretreatment of thegraphite crystals, while preserving the integrity of the graphene layers.
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