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TitleOn the global structure of the Pomeransky-Senkov black holes
Author(s)Chruściel, Piotr T.
Cortier, Julien
García-Parrado Gómez-Lobo, Alfonso
KeywordsGeneral Relativity
Black holes
Exact solutions
Global extension
Issue date2010
PublisherInternational Press
JournalAdvances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
Abstract(s)We construct analytic extensions of the Pomeransky-Senkov metrics with multiple Killing horizons and asymptotic regions. We show that, in our extensions, the singularities associated to an obstruction to differentiability of the metric lie beyond event horizons. We analyze the topology of the non-empty singular set, which turns out to be parameter-dependent. We present numerical evidence for stable causality of the domain of outer communications. The resulting global structure is somewhat reminiscent of that of Kerr space-time.
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