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2010Adhesion and biofilm formation on polystyrene by drinking water-isolated bacteriaSimões, Lúcia C.; Simões, M.; Vieira, M. J.articleopenAccess
2008Adhesion between high-strength concrete, epoxy resin and CFRPAguiar, J. L. Barroso de; Krzywon, Rafal; Camões, Aires, et al.conferencePaperopenAccess
2004Adhesion of Candida albicans and Candida dubliniensis to acrylic and hydroxyapatiteHenriques, Mariana; Azeredo, Joana; Oliveira, RosárioarticleopenAccess
Jul-2008Adhesion of Listeria monocytogenes to materials commonly found in domestic kitchensTeixeira, P.; Lima, Joana; Azeredo, Joana, et al.articleopenAccess
2007Adhesion of Salmonella enteritidis to stainless steel surfacesOliveira, Kelly; Oliveira, Tereza; Teixeira, P., et al.articleopenAccess
Set-2006Adhesion of water stressed Helicobacter pylori to abiotic surfacesAzevedo, N. F.; Pacheco, A. P.; Keevil, C. W., et al.articleopenAccess
2017Adhesion promoters for tire textile reinforcementsRodrigues, Kevin Anthony OliveiramasterThesisembargoedAccess (3 Years)
Set-2008Adhesion to and viability of Salmonella Enteritidis on food contact surfacesTeixeira, P.; Silva, Sónia Carina; Araújo, F., et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
Ago-1999Atomistic modelling of interfacial bonding at metal-polymer interfaceRamos, Marta M. D.; Almeida, Judite P. P.articleopenAccess
2007Bacterial adhesion to food contacting surfacesTeixeira, P.; Silva, Sónia Carina; Araújo, F., et al.bookPartopenAccess
2006Candida species adhesion to oral epithelium : factors involved and experimental methodology usedHenriques, Mariana; Azeredo, Joana; Oliveira, RosárioarticleopenAccess
2012Candida tropicalis biofilms : effect on urinary epithelial cellsNegri, M.; Silva, Sónia Carina; Brêda, D., et al.articleopenAccess
10-Abr-2014Chryseobocterium indologenes adhesion and biofilm formation onto biomaterialsRebouta, Joana; Teixeira, P.; Oliveira, RosárioconferenceAbstractopenAccess
2004Comparative evaluation of coagulase-negative staphylococci (CoNS) adherence to acrylic by a static method and a parallel-plate flow dynamic methodCerca, Nuno; Pier, Gerald B.; Oliveira, Rosário, et al.articleopenAccess
2010Crystal violet staining to quantity Candida adhesion to epithelial cellsNegri, M.; Gonçalves, Vera M.; Silva, Sónia Carina, et al.articleopenAccess
2014Design formula to evaluate the NSM FRP strips shear strength contribution to a RC beamBianco, V.; Monti, G.; Barros, Joaquim A. O.articleopenAccess
21-Jul-2017Development and study of hybrid cords for tire reinforcementCosta, Pedro Filipe Alves damasterThesisrestrictedAccess
Abr-2002Development of a laboratory test for characterization of asphalt-aggregate adhesionPais, Jorge C.; Silva, Hugo Manuel Ribeiro Dias da; Pereira, Paulo A. A.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2013Development of braided fibrous materials for retrofitting masonry infil wallsCunha, Fernando Eduardo Macedo; Patinha, S.; Vasconcelos, Graça, et al.conferencePaperrestrictedAccess
Jun-2013Development of new braided fibrous materials for retrofitting of masonry wallsCunha, Fernando Eduardo Macedo; Patinha, S.; Rana, S., et al.conferencePaperrestrictedAccess