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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Jul-2013Activity and viability of methanogens in anaerobic digestion of unsaturated and saturated long-chain fatty acidsSousa, D. Z.; Salvador, Andreia Filipa Ferreira; Ramos, Juliana, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2013Addition of electron acceptors stimulates methanogenesis from lipids by anaerobic sludgeGuedes, Ana P.; Cavaleiro, A. J.; Silva, Sérgio, et al.AbstractOpen access
Sep-2015Anaerobic co-digestion of cork based oil sorbent and cow manure or sludgeCavaleiro, A. J.; Neves, T. M.; Guedes, Ana P., et al.Conference paperOpen access
Jul-2020Co-cultivation of Thermoanaerobacter strains with a methanogenic partner enhances glycerol conversionMagalhães, Carla Isabel Pereira; Ribeiro, Joaquim Alfredo França Martins; Guedes, Ana P., et al.ArticleOpen access
Jan-2016Conversion of Cn-unsaturated into Cn-2-saturated LCFA can occur uncoupled from methanogenesis in anaerobic bioreactorsCavaleiro, A. J.; Pereira, M. A.; Guedes, Ana P., et al.ArticleOpen access
2013Effect of long-chain fatty acids (LCFA) on the prevalence and viability of hydrogenotrophic methanogensSousa, D. Z.; Salvador, Andreia Filipa Ferreira; Ramos, J., et al.Conference paperOpen access
Dec-2015Effect of sulfate and iron (III) on LCFA degradation by a methanogenic communityGuedes, Ana P.; Cavaleiro, A. J.; Silva, Sérgio Alves, et al.AbstractOpen access
Dec-2015Energy production from lipids by novel anaerobesCavaleiro, A. J.; Duarte, M. S.; Silva, Sérgio Alves, et al.AbstractOpen access
2009Essencial oil components of Hypericum androsaemum infusions and their nematotoxic effects against Meloidogyne javanica (Treub) Chitwood.Guedes, Ana P.; Luques, Renatha Pompêo; Ferreira, Patrícia, et al.AbstractOpen access
20-Oct-2009Essential oils from plants and in vitro shoot cultures of Hypericum androsaemum L., H. perforatum L. and H. undulatum Schousboe ex. WildGuedes, Ana P.Doctoral thesisOpen access
May-2017Exploring syntrophic relationships in the anaerobic biodegradation of lipids and long chain fatty acidsCavaleiro, Ana Júlia; Ribeiro, J.; Guedes, Ana P., et al.AbstractOpen access
10-Dec-2015Growth of sulfate reducing bacteria on the methanogenic inhibitor BESSalvador, A. F.; Cavaleiro, A. J.; Silva, Sérgio Alves, et al.AbstractOpen access
1-Feb-2012Hypericum sp.: essential oil composition and biological activitiesGuedes, Ana P.; Franklin, Gregory; Ferreira, Manuel FernandesArticleOpen access
9-Jan-2019Inhibition studies with 2-bromoethanesulfonate reveal a novel syntrophic relationship in anaerobic oleate degradationSalvador, Andreia F.; Cavaleiro, Ana Júlia; Paulo, Ana M. S., et al.ArticleOpen access