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TitleStudents’ interests in biodiversity: links with health and sustainability
Author(s)Franzolini, Fernanda
Carvalho, Graça Simões de
Santana, Carolina Maria Boccuzzi
Calegari, Andreia dos Santos
Almeida, Ester Aparecida Ely de
Soares, João Paulo Reis
Jorge, Jessica
Neves, Franciele Dutra das
Lemos, Erika Romanholo Silva
Biodiversity preservation
Secondary school
Biology education
Issue date2021
JournalSustainability (MDPI)
CitationFranzolini, F., Carvalho, G.S., Santana, C.M.B., Calegari, A.S., Almeida, E.A.E., Soares, J.P.R., Jorge, J. Neves, F.D. & Lemos, E.R.S. (2021) Students’ Interests in Biodiversity: Links with Health and Sustainability. Sustainability, 13, 1-15 (13767)
Abstract(s)The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that sustainable actions to preserve biodiversity are critical to preventing new microorganisms from harming human health. In this sense, education and encouraging young people’s interest in local biodiversity are crucial to promoting its preservation and sustainability. This research studied the biodiversity interests of 14–15-year-old students in São Paulo State, focusing on the links between biodiversity and human health. The criterion of maximum variation was used to constitute a heterogeneous sample of students. Students answered a four-point Likert questionnaire. The items in this questionnaire were divided into categories related to the interest of young people in biodiversity, and these were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics (Wilcoxon test). Categories of biodiversity linked to “health or human utility” were of higher interest to young people than those with no links to human benefits, such as “diversity of organisms”. These findings, along with the literature, showed that young people are interested in biodiversity issues associated with human health. Therefore, teaching biodiversity should reflect on new possibilities for making a more sustainable environment and promoting social and environmental justice, fundamental aspects of promoting and guaranteeing human health.
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