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TitleMeeting in Viena 30 years after Ottawa: QuoVadis health promotion?
Author(s)Saboga-Nunes, L.A.
Costa, A.
Padua, F.
Amann, G. Von
Figueiras, M.J.
Carvalho, Graça Simões de
Martins, R.
Caldas-Almeida, T.
Stock, C.
Milczarski, A.
Assis, N.
Ferreira, M.
Santos, B.
Cabral, M.
Pinho, M
Costa, L.
KeywordsHealth promotion
Health education
Issue dateNov-2016
PublisherOxford University Press
CitationSaboga-Nunes, L.A., Costa, A., Padua, F., Amann, G Von, Figueiras, M.J., Carvalho, G.S., Martins, R., Caldas-Almeida, T., Stock, C., Milczarski, A., Assis, N., Ferreira, M., Santos, B., Cabral, M., Pinho, M. & Costa, L. (2016) Meeting in Vienna 30 years after Ottawa: QuoVadis health promotion? The European Journal of Public Health, 26 (Supl. 1), 150. (DOI: (abstract)
Abstract(s)This study explores experts’ and practitioners’ opinions on the current trends that Health promotion (HP) faces in Portugal. The survey was carried out with several health stakeholders and results showed that HP is not well developed and a deeper reflection on the issue is needed.
TypeOral presentation
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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