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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
27-Jul-2022Accelerating deep learning training on high-performance computing with storage tieringDantas, Marco Filipe LeitãoMaster thesis Open access
27-Jul-2020Automatic prediction of ischemic stroke from MRI images using Deep LearningPinto, José Adriano Azevedo Silva RibeiroDoctoral thesisOpen access
2021Automatic quantitative assessment of Pectus Excavatum severity using CT images and deep learningSilva, Bruno André Pires daMaster thesis Open access
2-Dec-2021Chatbot assistant for diabetic patientsCruz, Sandro Emanuel MachadoMaster thesis Open access
12-Apr-2023Decoding human movement intentions and postural reactions through brain signalsNeto, Raimundo Nonato BarrosMaster thesis Open access
4-Apr-2022A deep learning solution for real-time human motion decoding in smart walkersGonçalves, Carolina Maria CunhaMaster thesis Open access
2019Deep reinforcement learning for robot navigation systemsRibeiro, Tiago AlcântaraMaster thesis Open access
24-Mar-2022Developing deep learnig methods to predict phenotypes and clinical outcomes from transcriptomics dataVieira, Maria Fernanda SilvaMaster thesis Open access
16-Dec-2022Development of a deep learning-based computational framework for the classification of protein sequencesBarros, Miguel Ângelo PereiraMaster thesis Open access
15-Dec-2022Development of a recommendation system for scientific literature based on deep learningSilva, Tiago Rafael Ferreira Miranda daMaster thesis Open access
27-Apr-2023Development of deep learning models for scRNA data analysisMacedo, Diogo Duarte PintoMaster thesis Open access
2022Diagnóstico da doença de Alzheimer com redes neuronais profundasSilva, Mateus Ferreira daMaster thesis Open access
22-Jun-2022A framework for predicting drug sensitivity and synergy in cancer cells using deep learningBaptista, Delora SoeiroDoctoral thesisOpen access
21-Oct-2021Optimization of deep learning algorithms for an autonomous RC vehiclePereira, André Filipe AmorimMaster thesis Open access
13-Dec-2022Temporal object detection for autonomous drivingFerreira, Luís Pedro BarbosaMaster thesis Open access