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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
20113D Modelling and design of a bioloid compliant quadruped legCouto, Mafalda Araújo SearaMaster thesis Open access
19-Dec-2011Adaptive quadruped locomotion: learning to detect and avoid an obstacleSilva, Pedro André MoreiraMaster thesis Open access
22-Feb-2021Adaptive shared-control of a robotic walker to improve human-robot cooperation in gait biomechanical rehabilitationPereira, António Manuel MoreiraMaster thesis Open access
19-Dec-2014Affective robotics for socio-emotional development in children with autism spectrum disordersCosta, Sandra Cristina CunhaDoctoral thesisOpen access
18-Mar-2019An hybrid and adaptive approach to humanoid locomotion: blending rhythmic primitives and feet placement strategiesPontes, José Pedro do CarmoDoctoral thesisOpen access
19-Dec-2022Artificial intelligence-based software for recognizing parkinsonian gait patterns based on wearable miniaturized sensorsPinheiro, Pedro Gonçalo Santos PiresMaster thesis Open access
15-Apr-2016ASBGo: A smart walker for mobility assistance and monitoring system aidMartins, Maria Manuel Carvalho de FreitasDoctoral thesisOpen access
2019Assist-as-needed EMG-based control strategy for wearable powered assistive devicesMoreira, Luís Carlos RodriguesMaster thesis Open access
2018Assistive autonomous smart walker in a hospital environment as a rehabilitation toolSoares, Rui Jorge CerqueiraMaster thesis Open access
2015Assistive locomotion strategies for active lower limb devicesFigueiredo, Joana Sofia CamposMaster thesis Open access
21-Dec-2022Automatic detection of daily living activities in people with Parkinson’s disease using kinematic-driven dataAbreu, Luís Filipe Simões deMaster thesis Open access
20-Jan-2014A Bio-inspired architecture for adaptive quadruped locomotion over irregular terrainMatos, Vítor Emanuel da SilvaDoctoral thesisOpen access
11-Nov-2015A bio-inspired computational model for motion detectionSilva, Ana Carolina Quintela Alves Vilares daDoctoral thesisOpen access
20-Nov-2023Biofeedback devices: a contribute to Parkinson’s diseaseGonçalves, Helena Raquel Gouveia SilvaDoctoral thesisEmbargoed access (2 Years)
10-Oct-2022A biofeedback strategy for human postural sway control in a smart walkerCosta, Mariana Brito Palma CamposMaster thesis Open access
2019Biofeedback system to improve the human-orthosis interactionPinheiro, Cristiana Filipa SampaioMaster thesis Open access
28-Nov-2022Biomechanical analysis of slip-like perturbations for target specifications definition towards a fall preventing wearable deviceNunes, João Tiago Ferreira de CamposMaster thesis Open access
2012Biped locomotion control through a biologically-inspired closed-loop controllerAlves, Nuno Filipe Antunes Oliveira FerreiraMaster thesis Open access
13-Jul-2023Clinical decision support systems for patellofemoral instability diagnosis and treatmentBarbosa, Roberto MartinsDoctoral thesisEmbargoed access (2 Years)
2014Combining cycling and biofeedback as a stroke rehabilitation therapyBarbosa, David CamposMaster thesis Open access