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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
11-Dec-2014An engine for coordination-based architectural reconfigurationsRodrigues, Flávio GonçalvesMaster thesis Open access
10-Mar-2015Architectural reconfiguration of interacting servicesOliveira, Nuno Ernesto SalgadoDoctoral thesisOpen access
21-Oct-2021Combining paraconsistent and dynamic logic for QiskitFaria, Bernardo Almeida LeiteMaster thesis Open access
4-Dec-2021Exploring paraconsistent logics for quantum programsCruz, Ana LuziaMaster thesis Open access
30-Jul-2020Flexible molecular alignment: an industrial case study on quantum algorithmic techniquesOliveira, Marta Sofia SaraivaMaster thesis Open access
8-Jul-2013Foundations and techniques for software reconfigurabilityMadeira, Alexandre Leite CastroDoctoral thesisOpen access
27-May-2022Foundations for quantum algorithms and complexityTavares, Carlos Eduardo TeixeiraDoctoral thesisOpen access
22-Jun-2018Hybrid programsNeves, Renato Jorge AraújoDoctoral thesisOpen access
30-Dec-2019Integration of time in a quantum process algebraFernandes, Vítor Emanuel GonçalvesMaster thesis Open access
6-Dec-2021Learning the physics of open quantum systems from experimentsAlves, Alexandra Francisco Ramôa da CostaMaster thesis Open access
3-Dec-2019On quantum bayesian networksOliveira, Michael deMaster thesis Open access
16-Mar-2006Programação coindutiva: calculos e aplicaçõesRibeiro, Paula Cristina Riobom SoaresMaster thesis Open access
27-Sep-2013Proof support for hybridised logicsNeves, RenatoMaster thesis Open access
13-Nov-2011Prototyping a calculus of QoS : aware software componentsMartins, André BatistaMaster thesis Open access
10-Jan-2023Quantum bayesian reinforcement learningCunha, Gilberto Rui NogueiraMaster thesis Open access
24-Sep-2021Quantum random walks: simulations and physical realizationsSantos, Jaime PereiraMaster thesis Open access
14-Jan-2021Quantum-enhanced reinforcement learningSequeira, André Manuel ResendeMaster thesis Open access
9-Feb-2009Slicing techniques applied to architectural analysis of legacy softwareRodrigues, Nuno F.Doctoral thesisOpen access
7-Sep-2009Specification and refinement of software connectorsBarbosa, Marco AntónioDoctoral thesisOpen access
2018Validation of quantum simulations: assessing efficiency and reliability in experimental implementationsRodrigues, Afonso Miguel FernandesMaster thesis Open access