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TitleNotes from transient spaces, anachronic times: an architextural exercise
Author(s)Canli, Ece
Editor(s)Jobst, Marko
Stead, Naomi
Queer materiality
Queering design
Situated writing
Body politics
Materialidade e design queer
Política corporal
Escrita situada
Issue date2023
PublisherBloomsbury Publishing
CitationCanli, E. (2023). Notes from Transient Spaces, Anachronic Times: An Architextural Exercise. In M. Jobst & N.Stead (Eds.), Queering Architecture: Methods, Practices, Spaces, Pedagogies, (pp. 67-87). Bloomsbury Publishing
Abstract(s)This text offers a combination of personal and theoretical reflections on (socio)spatiality, material reconfigurations of the body in built environments and the politics of corporeal segregation, recounted from the perspective of queer materiality. Taking a critical look at the ways in which normatively designed environments are inhabited by different bodies, it sketches out possible frictions in the (dis)use of these spaces and envisions a multitude forms of co-existence in material surroundings. The text employs an unconventional writing method through which the relationship between both the body text and footnotes, and theory and factual-fictional-personal narratives are reconfigured. By this way, the formality of academic writing and the voice of the ‘disseminator of knowledge’ are challenged, while the theory is delivered as kaleidoscopic yet interconnected pieces of information which, together, form a multifaceted comprehension of queerness and spatiality, with the aim of contributing to the ongoing endeavour of queering architectural and architextural norms.
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