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TitleEditorial: Disease-on-a-chip: from point-of-care to personalized medicine
Author(s)Cruz, Andrea
Fernandes, Elisabete
Rodrigues, Raquel Oliveira
Catarino, Susana Oliveira
Pinho, Diana
Microfluidic devices
Detection systems
Digital pills
Issue date11-Dec-2023
PublisherFrontiers Media
JournalFrontiers in Pharmacology
CitationCruz A, Fernandes E, Rodrigues RO, Catarino SO and Pinho D (2023) Editorial: Disease-on-a-chip: from point-of-care to personalized medicine. Front. Pharmacol. 14:1344379. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2023.1344379
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] Introduction Miniaturization has played a pivotal role in driving innovation in microfluidic devices, particularly in their application across advanced technologies, such as Lab-on-chip platforms, Point-of-care systems, Organ-, Body- and Disease-on-a-chip technology. The personalized nature inherent in these systems, coupled with physiologically relevant readouts, opens novel avenues for individualized disease diagnostics, Figure 1. Additionally, they offer personalized strategies for assessing treatment efficacy and safety. Furthermore, the advancement in micro- and nano-microfluidic fabrication allows parallel analysis of large samples sets and the evaluation of different parameters such as biological molecules, cells or drugs.[...]
TypeJournal editorial
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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