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TitleCo-tutelles in European universities: concept, aims and implementation. EUA-CDE Thematic Peer Group Report
Author(s)Leite, Laurinda
Issue date2022
PublisherEuropean University Association (EUA)
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] This report is the result of the work of the EUA-CDE Thematic Peer Group (TPG) on ”Co-tutelles and Joint Doctorates”. EUA-CDE established this working group to address a topic of growing interest among European universities and to discuss the different approaches these institutions have taken to co-tutelles. The group, composed of representatives from 23 universities in 15 European countries, explored why universities engage in the challenging process of facilitating exchange and mobility of doctoral candidates through co-tutelle arrangements and the practical issues involved. At the same time, the group aimed to share good practices that could be transferable to other contexts.
TypeResearch report
AccessOpen access
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